Alinea applies a holistic approach to solving problems and streamlining operations. With over 20 years of continual service in healthcare and pharmacy industries, our diverse team prides itself in embracing change and adapting new and innovative methodologies to overcome challenges.

Alinea focuses in the business of pharmacy, but our expertise is rooted in the operational, clinical, and financial aspects of hospital systems and pharmacy industry in general; bridging the gap between pharmacy operations, regulatory compliance, and specialized business process transformation and change management. At Alinea, we have assembled a team of “athletes” and specialists who work together in delivering practical and enduing results. We partner with our clients to understand the origin and contributing factors to a problem or market opportunity, and then engage ‘think and do’ principles to manage complexity and find the right fit for future success.

Alinea serves clients at every level of their healthcare organization, engineering solutions that account for the unique qualities and challenges each client faces. Whether as a trusted advisor to executive management or through hands-on support and coaching for the budding analyst, we compose a team with second-to-none expertise, strong management experience, and exemplary leadership skills to drive change and improve performance.

Alinea believes that “best practice” and “gold standard” operational achievement evolve and expire quickly, and so we continually seek new and better ways to serve our clients in a way that equips them to anticipate and overcome future volatility.

With a focus on providing innovative pharmacy enterprise solutions, we encourage our team to be inventive, piloting tools and processes for enhanced business performance and critical monitoring. Just some of our team’s capabilities are outlined below:

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