The Alinea Group Announces Corporate Partnership With 340B Health

February 10, 2016

340B Health Partnership gives 340B Health 1,000+ Members increased access to Alinea’s Pharmacy Enterprise Solutions group.

Press Release: Feruary 10, 2016

Atlanta, Georgia. — The Alinea Group, LLC is excited to announce its Corporate Partnership with 340B Health, the nation’s leading advocate and resource for the safety-net providers across the nation

“As a long standing exhibitor for 340B Health (Formerly known as SNHPA) and advisor to 340B hospitals across the nation, Alinea looks forward to formally joining as a 340B Health Corporate Partner to support this valuable resource for safety-net providers across the nation.” Says Tim Olmstead, Managing Partner at Alinea. “Joining 340B Health provides an opportunity for Alinea to extend over 20 years of 340B experience, pharmacy consulting expertise, and healthcare audit expertise to good use. It is our goal to continue providing excellent service as a trusted advisor to 340B healthcare providers and 340B Health.”

340B Health is a membership organization of more than 1,000 public and private nonprofit hospitals and health systems throughout the United States that participate in the Public Health Service 340B drug discount pricing program.340B Health was formed in 1993 to increase the affordability and accessibility of pharmaceutical and clinical care for the nation’s poor and underserved populations.

“As 340B advisors, Alinea has assisted over 500 hospitals and healthcare organizations implement a successful 340B program and assess and adhere to compliance with 340B regulatory requirements” says Keith Chop, Managing Partner and 340B Practice Lead at Alinea. “We’ve gained valuable experience over the last 20 years, assisting some of the nation’s largest health systems adhere to program statutes and create system-wide strategies for 340B compliance and monitoring. We work closely with hospital leadership, general counsel, and staff of all levels in helping organizations overcome critical operational and pharmacy supply chain challenges. Our ultimate goal is to ensure compliance while not sacrificing the true spirit of the 340B program, which is to help providers extend necessary healthcare services to communities most in need.”

About Alinea Pharmacy Enterprise Solutions:

The Alinea Group (“Alinea”) provides management consulting and audit services to the country’s leading healthcare organizations with a focus on pharmacy enterprise solutions. Alinea has worked in the pharmacy consulting space for the last 20 years, and more specifically, pioneered the Pharmacy Operational Enhancement (“POE”), 340B, Pharmacy Audit, and Specialty Pharmacy Service teams at Ernst & Young, LLP. We are trusted advisors who specialize in helping our clients overcome operational challenges, assess and mitigate regulatory risk, and engage innovative strategies to unlock new opportunities for growth. We provide independent professional services and are vendor agnostic. Our only goal is to be objective and help ensure our client’s success.

Our 340B Services:

Pharmacy Enterprise Solutions:

Team Background:

Alinea’s Pharmacy Enterprise Solutions team is a diverse and tenured group comprised of healthcare audit professionals, regulatory experts, clinicians, pharmacists, former hospital administrators, healthcare information systems experts, and data analysts to name a few. Prior to joining Alinea, Alinea professionals served as leaders at some of the nation’s most highly regarded hospital systems, pharmaceutical companies, supply chain distributors, managed care organizations, and management consulting/Big 4 audit firms.