The Alinea Group is a leading provider of specialty pharmacy consulting services. As a key component to our enterprise pharmacy solutions, specialty pharmacy presents an opportunity for providers to extend a critical and highly specialized drug therapy to some of the nation’s most vulnerable disease populations.

The Alinea Group develops and executes specialty pharmacy strategies for organizations across the nation. Our specialty pharmacy consultants help clients evaluate both the business and care elements of specialty pharmacy, and the viability of implementing a specialty pharmacy solution. Based on market position, patient-care factors, and disease demographic synergies, Alinea provides strategic recommendations and implementation services to develop a specialty pharmacy service line.

Our services and expertise range from market analysis (“sizing the opportunity”), payor network penetration and strategy, and operational and capital planning design and implementation. Alinea has worked closely with hospitals and health systems, specialty clinics, payors, and independent specialty pharmacies in the development and implementation of specialty pharmacies.

Alinea’s specialty pharmacy consulting is focused in the following areas:

  • Market Analytics & Opportunity Assessment (“Sizing the Market”)
  • Financial Due Diligence and Budgeting
  • Payor Contracting Strategies
  • Operational Build Out, Systems Integration, & Infrastructure
  • Reimbursement Contracting and Projections
  • Accreditation Preparedness and Assistance
  • Therapy Management Program Development
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Specialty Pharmacy Regulatory Adherence and Reporting
  • 340B Specialty Pharmacy Strategies

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