Pharmacy vs. Diversion: Technology, Education Key

January42017Pharmacy vs. Diversion: Technology, Education Key

Drug Diversion is a risk for all provider types and drug vendors.  Whether you are a Retail Pharmacy, Grocery Chain, Distributor, or Health System, controls and close monitoring must be put in place to prevent the misuse and theft of drugs.  A team effort, utilizing education, technology, and effective monitoring systems by your staff must be engaged.  Recent focus has been placed on opioid and controlled substance abuse (e.g. Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Vicodin, etc.), but healthcare and drug providers alike must also ensure that high risk drugs, drugs which are highly valued on the black or secondary markets, are properly handled and accounted for as well.  In many cases, the most serious drug diversions often occur through faulty wastage procedures, poor drug destruction policies and timing, and dispensation gaps identified within AMT’s.  Technology is improving, but a comprehensive drug diversion risk mitigation program must be engaged to, above all, ensure patient safety.

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