Improve pharmacy costs, operations, and efficiency while mitigating risk. Alinea provides a broad range of operational consulting services to hospital and health care systems throughout the country. Our consultants provide expertise that optimizes pharmacy resources through efficiencies, regulatory compliance, big data analytics, and process improvement platforms that enhance financial and operational performance. We analyze, design and implement best practice operations for pharmacy.

Our operational consulting solutions are comprehensive, engaging technology, staffing models, national and regional market analytics, medication safety workflow best practice guidance, cost containment analytics and strategy, pharmacy supply chain contract renegotiation, and financial integrity assessments and remediation. Additionally, we provide implementation expertise to facilitate strategic pharmacy initiatives to reduce opportunity cost and expedite valuable speed to market.

Our Services Include:

  • Pharmacy Automation, Charge Capture, and Technology Integration
  • Pharmacy Operations Workflow Assessments
  • Staffing Model and Labor Productivity
  • IV Room Safety Assessments for IV, TPN and Chemotherapy
  • Wholesaler and Purchasing Cost Savings Analysis
  • Technician Education and Competency Training Programs
  • Formulary Management
  • Diversion Detection and Forensic Analytics

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