Alinea to Sponsor Paventia’s Hospital 2018 Specialty Pharmacy Summit

The 2018 Hospital Specialty Pharmacy Summit is the only meeting specifically focused on the rise and role of specialty pharmacies and healthcare institutions.  This unique and cutting-edge meeting provides attendees with overviews, in-depth discussions, and key industry perspectives on how specialty pharmacy is evolving within the IDNs and hospitals today.

The Alinea Group is excited to sponsor this year’s specialty summit and believes the conference has been a phenomenal success. “It’s really a unique opportunity to connect with our children’s hospital clients,” states Alinea Managing Partner, Tim Olmstead, “and continue to hone our pharmacy enterprise offerings as well as strengthen our relationship with Paventia Health.” 

The conference will be held February 11 – 13, 2018, at the Tempe Mission Palms hotel in Tempe, Arizona. Alinea Managing Partners, Shrujal Patel and Keith Chop, will be attending the conference and are open to discuss and/or answer any questions that may arise in relation to 340B, specialty pharmacy networks, and pharmacy operational enhancement and risk management.  Alinea’s information, along with Keith and Shrujal’s contact information, will be provided at the Sponsor Information Table.  We look forward to seeing you there and wish you safe travels!

About Alinea Pharmacy Enterprise Solutions:
The Alinea Group ("Alinea") provides management consulting and audit services to the country's leading healthcare organizations with a focus on pharmacy enterprise solutions. Alinea has worked in the pharmacy consulting space for the last 20 years, and more specifically, pioneered the Pharmacy Operational Enhancement ("POE"), 340B, Pharmacy Audit, and Specialty Pharmacy Service teams at Ernst & Young, LLP. We are trusted advisors who specialize in helping our clients overcome operational challenges, assess and mitigate regulatory risk, and engage innovative strategies to unlock new opportunities for growth. We provide independent professional services and are vendor agnostic. Our only goal is to be objective and help ensure our client's success.

Pharmacy Enterprise Solutions:

Team Background:
Alinea's Pharmacy Enterprise Solutions team is a diverse and tenured group comprised of healthcare audit professionals, regulatory experts, clinicians, pharmacists, former hospital administrators, healthcare information systems experts, and data analysts to name a few. Prior to joining Alinea, Alinea professionals served as leaders at some of the nation's most highly regarded hospital systems, pharmaceutical companies, supply chain distributors, managed care organizations, and management consulting / Big 4 audit firms.