When we founded The Alinea Group, we set about to create a dynamic, inventive group of professionals with the right mix of skills, work ethic, backgrounds, and most of all, passion for helping solve challenging problems and build unfailing client relationships.”

-– Keith Chop, Managing Partner

The Alinea core team has remained intact for the last 16 years while adding valuable resources along the way to address the nuances of an ever-changing healthcare and pharmaceuticals environment. We are not a software provider seeking annuity income; we work solely for the purpose of our clients and the scope of work for which we are engaged.

Alinea’s Pharmacy Enterprise Solutions team is a diverse and tenured group comprised of healthcare audit professionals, regulatory experts, clinicians, pharmacists, former hospital administrators, healthcare information systems experts, and data analysts to name a few. Prior to joining Alinea, Alinea professionals served as leaders at some of the nation’s most highly regarded hospital systems, pharmaceutical companies, supply chain distributors, managed care organizations, and management consulting and Big 4 audit firms.