TAG understands the importance of implementing a compliant 340B program. Building on a defined methodology that was developed using first-hand experience with HRSA, drug manufacturer, and State Medicaid 340B compliance audits, TAG’s approach is focused on identifying and providing the necessary guidance to prepare our clients for future audits. Our audit assistance is comprehensive, addressing areas such as patient eligibility, “cherry picking” and diversion, GPO adherence, charge capture issues, purchasing strategies, split billing software efficacy and replenishment “work arounds,” regulatory interpretation, maintenance and monitoring procedures, and Medicaid pricing requirements. We work with organizations to help them understand what they need to know and how they can improve. Compliance offerings are listed below and can be customized based on your covered entity needs.

  • 340B Compliance and internal audit program coaching and education to understand the intricacies of program monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive 340B compliance program reviews including corrective action plan development, findings and recommendations reports, and “audit” readiness assessment
  • 340B third party audits consistent with HRSA, Manufacturer, and Medicaid audit procedures
  • Comprehensive compliance program design that focuses on interdepartmental coordination, recurring monitoring tasks, and “best practice” oversight procedures and training
  • Assistance with 340B HRSA, Medicaid, and Manufacturer audit response, inquiries, and HRSA remediation (for identified deficiencies)
  • Strategic DSH optimization to meet 340B eligibility criteria and enhance reimbursement

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